The Environment

At The Rosehip Company (PTY) Ltd we are very aware of the environmental responsibility of our company.

We are always working very closely with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry supports our project fully.

Rosa Eglanteria aka Rubignosa is an alien and invasive species introduced to Lesotho. There is various explanations for the way in which the plant got introduced but that it spread very rapidly is certain. There was also the reasoning that it should be planted in dongas and erosion gullies to prevent the huge soil erosion problem that Lesotho experience.

The plant’s roots did not bind the soil effectively but it did find a very good environment in which to spread aggressively.

Currently very large areas of Lesotho is covered by the plant and even though we remove large quantities of seed from the environment through our harvesting the distribution of the plant does not seem to be diminished.

It is not envisaged to cultivate Rosehip since such large quantities exist in the wild and we would prefer harvesting these and letting rural communities earn a living through this.